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We are all big fans of awesome design – and in the peripheral business, few can match the design chops of Razer.  Our resident modding expert Peter Brands decided a while back to do a tribute build of sorts using our Cross Desk.  The idea was to merge design styles – take a little bit… continue reading →


Our friends out at FrozenCPU and EK Waterblocks teamed up with us to celebrate the release of the Cross Desk in style.  These are custom EK Supremacy blocks, plated in gold, with the Red Harbinger logo nicely featured on the top of the block.  Pieces were limited to 51 and fortunately for us – unfortunately… continue reading →


If you play the World of Warcraft Trading Card Game and are a pretty lucky individual, you may have noticed a familiar looking face (and bow) on one of the rare holographic cards from the Caverns of Time Treasure Packs.  It’s no coincidence… The card is named “Lorraina the Red Harbinger” and is fashioned after… continue reading →

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Back in the day… I first met Thomas Nunn back in 2004.  We were both in the military (U.S.…

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