Walk into the future with the Omni!


So you’re sick of being called lazy while gaming? Here comes the Omni.

As a perfect add-on to the Oculus Rift, Virtuix’s new product – the Omni, will satisfy your need  for virtual immersion while at the same time taking care of the lack of exercise experienced by some gamers.  Let’s be honest, no gamer loves to jog for hours on end if they could be playing the brand new Metro: Last Light. People will still knock on you for having no life, but as I always tell people, I’m a gamer – I don’t have one life; I have loads! I don’t think I could put words to what this exactly looks like or how it operates so let’s take a look at a small video. Yep, push yourself lazily into that comfy ass chair of yours and be ready to be blown away.


Omni Assorted Images
Gamers + Omni = Brains + (future) Muscles

The time when people used to say gamers were lazy bums has come to an end! Honestly, I’d prefer to go for a jog in Skyrim or any MMORPG in the safety of my home than in the ever changing and erratic weather we encounter here in Belgium. What about you guys and gals?  Certainly this isn’t the “perfect” replacement either but it still beats sitting or lying in the couch. And all jokes aside, this could maybe help some children to exercise more. Will it make any difference?

Omni Assorted Images

The really sweet thing about the Omni – it’s compatible with ALL games.  Yes you read that right…all games right out of the box since it uses any game that uses keyboard input. Ow…maybe I failed to mention that this is for PC only.  Sorry console junkies – you’ll have to stick with your balance boards and Kinect’s.

Is there a game in particular you’d like to see perform optimally with the Omni + Oculus Rift? Amnesia anyone?


The company claims that the noise level of the Omni is similar to a regular treadmill and that it accommodates users with a height ranging from 142cm – 195cm (=4’8″ to 6’5″) and a weight up to 130kg (= 285lbs) which means that the majority of the gamer society can enjoy some treadmill fun. Sadly, your day to day shoes won’t work with this puppy and therefore will require some special made shoes (included) for proper tracking.


Worried about size?  You may think that it looks huge and must need a dedicated spot for it in your living room. Fret not! Virtuix thought of this and created it so that it tears down very easily for storage.
So if you order one you’ll get the Omni shoes, the support belt (so you don’t waggle your way out of the unit) and the tracking software + hardware.


For the ones that have already invested in some “extra” controllers like the Razer Hydra or the newly funded Delta Six, rest assured they’re totally compatible and I’m confident they’d add any other controllers we might come up with in the future. Of course it’s pretty obvious that this accessory will become a bit less attractive without a VR headset like the Oculus Rift – however it doesn’t require it, so there’s really no need to go out and buy all of it at once.

This baby will be out by January 2014 if everything goes as planned for the ones that secured one on their kickstarter. Let’s hope the Zombie apocalypse isn’t scheduled for in the following months since I’d love to try it out before then. Get some experience you know.

So what’s your opinion?  Is the Omni a tempting purchase or would you just rather stay contently fat and happy on the couch ? Hit us up in the comments below and let us know what you think!


    • tnunndox Thanks =D I think it’ll be such a great add on to the Rift. Can’t wait.

  1. This is nuts! I had this idea as a kid playing zelda and pokemon, though I thought of it more as being a whole room of your house just for gaming, I felt like gaming could be so much more immersive than just pressing buttons.

    • I think we all had that idea 😀 and a zelda fan 😀 hello there! Haha. I hope they will provide other means to track your movement even better. I’m still not convinced by the hopping for jumping in game hahaha. But it is going the right way!!

      • Youri72 Yeah, could see some problems there, like in an apartment or going through the floor hahahah. Definitely something to keep my eye on, same as youre guy’s desks! Love the ingenuity btw, already started saving for one plus the components to fill it. Sooo excited to actually start putting it together.

        • It sure is worth keeping on eye on. Will write a bit more this weekend about other technologies I’ve had my eyes upon. And.. You can’t wait how excited I am to get mine.. Zelda theming my desk 😀 it’s going to be more than awesome!! And yeah you’re going to love the desk!!!

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