Running out of Reasons to not use Windows 8 for Gaming

A bunch of games on your start menu


If you’re a PC gamer, then arguably your operating system experience should take a backseat to your gaming experience.  Windows 8 is lighter and faster in many respects than Windows 7 – ostensibly it should be better for gaming.  Have you upgraded yet?


So yeah, it’s not news or anything for me to say that Windows 8 was met with a fair degree of disdain.  The tile interface and the fairly shallow apps we’ve been getting from the app store are leaving a lot of us wanting.  I still run Windows 7 at home on my iMac for PC games, and have no plans to change things yet, but I am wondering now if I should.


The main reason is this – for my purposes, Windows is purely a game OS.  I use it for nothing else at home, and if I could, I wouldn’t use it at work.  Most of the extra bells and whistles that are in Windows for security, encryption, system maintenance or search just don’t matter for me.  What I want is something faster, leaner, and meaner with good compatibility and performance for PC games.  Ostensibly, Windows 8 really ought to be just that.

Steam on Windows 8

Windows 8 makes for a good Steam consumption OS.


Windows 8 has, as far as I can tell, been pretty stable, runs most everyone’s games fine (especially for folks using Steam – I’ve never heard a game-related complaint).  Initially benchmarks and anecdotal evidence seemed to indicate that gaming performance was very slightly slower than Windows 7, but that performance gap seems to have been eliminated over the past few months since Windows 8 was released.  Whether due to vendor driver improvements or some internal change by Microsoft, my friends that are on Windows 8 (which admittedly is a small number of people) have universally told me that pretty much all is as it was before – no issues to be seen.

Except for the OS itself, though.  With only a couple of exceptions in my circles, the Windows 8 UI doesn’t seem to have won many converts.  It’s enough of an issue that many of them have simply chosen not to update at all until something forces them off of Windows 7.  I understand this completely from people who use Windows as a desktop workplace engine.  But for folks who are primarily using their PC for games?  Why not use Windows 8?

I really don’t have many reasons left not to move up… so I might.  Maybe this weekend.  What about you guys?  Comment below!!



  1. The only thing I don’t like (I’m almost tempted to say hate) is the lack of Nvidia support for Nvidia surround on Win8. But that’s it. I’ve been an early adopter of it and I’ve really enjoyed it ever since. Don’t know why people resent it that much.

    • MykSilentShadow

      Youri72 I resent Windows 8 for one reason, their security certificates for BIOS…if one day Windows or MS decides that your legit copy of Windoze 8 is suddenly not legit, you’re screwed because you suddenly get locked out of your PC completely and you have a very expensive paperweight…honestly, I don’t know why the hell there hasn’t been a huge outrage over this simple fact. I’ve seen Win8 up close and personal, my Sister bought it for her 9 yr old Daughter and I absolutely loathe the OS….speaking of BIOS…who the hell put Micro$haft in charge of the damn UEFI BIOS certifications anyway?

      • MykSilentShadow Mmmh I’ve never had that kind of problem before. I had encountered some difficulties after a clean install…But then just call the special number of Microsoft and re activate. Or…you can go into the register of windows and make your PC believe you’ve never entered your key and just activate it again.

  2. Recently put Win8 on my laptop, whilst it doesn’t see much gaming, it does get a lot of use. I’ve been very reluctant to go through with the upgrade but finally decided to bite the bullet with the upcoming release of 8.1 aka Blue. 
    I’m still fairly impartial as to whether I like the OS or not, it has some fantastic features but there are still lots of small things that bug me. The biggest of these has to be the emphasis on touch. So much of the OS is based around touching and swiping, now whilst this is fantastic on a touch screen, I know because I have a Win8 Phone, its just not user friendly if your a keyboard and mouse user. Despite what you may think, that extra few millimeters to get to the start menu really does get annoying, also the need to right click and then click “all apps” to see the entire start menu gets to you after a while as well. Power options are also a pain to get to, after so many years of “Start, Shutdown (or any other option you wanted)” finding the charm in the top right corner, navigating all the way to the lowest menu then clicking power and then Shutdown, has to be the most painful thing I have come across. 
    Now, I know that there are many aftermarket programs that fix most of the common issues, but regardless, they shouldn’t need to exist. 
    Apart from this though, there are many positive aspects that have to be commended, ability for customization is huge and many file operations that should have made it into past versions have finally made an appearance.
    Overall I’m pretty happy with it, its not great and I do get annoyed at times, but you can’t make everyone happy. Blue seems to be a step in the right direction from what I have seen for re-enabling the keyboard and mouse user in what could be the best OS from Microsoft but we will just have to wait and see.

    • ChrisM13 Totally agree with you on those points. They shouldn’t have existed in the first place…Those issues I mean. It’s REALLY annoying. Had to pay an extra $5 for the Start up button program. It does the job superbly and I NEVER ever use the metro interface. Honestly I hate it. It’s just NOT user friendly. Don’t know what they were thinking. Read this morning that the 8.1 puts the start button back?

      • MykSilentShadow

        Youri72 ChrisM13  It does sort of, but from what I read of the preview of 8.1, clicking start brings up the start screen anyway -.-

        • MykSilentShadow ChrisM13 EPIC Microsoft shooting themselves in the feet like over and over again. WHY. Just stay with Win 8 and with the third party program I have.

        • MykSilentShadow

          Youri72 MykSilentShadow ChrisM13 You wasted 5 Euros btw, there are a million and one freebies that do the job just as well mate 😉 😛

        • MykSilentShadow Youri72 ChrisM13 Are they as good or as well updated? Sometimes you just want something that DOES work and not something that is good for 2 weeks then gets broken and need to go look for something else. What are you using? Or ?

        • Youri72 MykSilentShadow ChrisM13 To a certain extent, I dont mind the metro start screen. I’m used to it from my phone, I just wish it was easier to go from that to the all programs menu. I think the biggest problem they have is calling it the start screen, really its the pinned programs section of the start menu.

      • Youri72 ChrisM13

  3. “I’ve never heard a game-related complaint” ─ Really? Fallout 3: Game of the Year Edition & Sims 2 won’t even start on Windows 8, and even on Windows 7 it’s edgy, so I won’t convert to Windows 8. Plus, in Denmark, if I want Windows 8 in English, I’d have to pay FOUR TIMES the price in comparison to the Danish Windows 8. That’s $400 instead of $100! It’s insane.
    – Sincerely, LuckyBlood

    • LuckyBlood wow didn’t know about the 4 x price for the English version. That’s insane. No way to import the EN version? By the way…in surround gaming it isn’t that great …Horrible to be completely honest. There are flaws but for software…you just need to force it to be believe it’s turning under win7 right?

  4. LuckyBloodYou should have bought an Win8 Upgrade in January then.. Got mine for ~230kr (~$41).It has both English & Danish.
    Still havent upgraded yet though – just waiting for the next big update, then I’m probably switching.

  5. I don’t have any problem to go to win8 but I don’t have a reason to either. I won’t pay to upgrade to an operating system where I will use it the same way I do win7.

  6. I’m not a huge gamer, but I have 8 pro and I am a big fan.  It’s really snappy even with what few games I play (Last Remnant, and Black ops II).  The interface takes a while to get used to, but the OS itself also offers huge advantages over 7 in the way of sharing.  I really like the way 8 uses  it’s DLLs for multiple applications that may need to use the same DLL/DLLs.  Its just a lot more efficient over 7.  It’s no Linux but in the same respects Linux isn’t Windows when you are looking at it from a User Interface standpoint.  Someone on here mentioned the whole touch thing…  That my friend I totally agree with you on.  A touch oriented OS should have never existed for an OS that has traditionally been meant to be used on Desktop/Laptops without a touch screen?  WTF?  Where is my start button(I know it’s coming in blue)?

  7. AsifBinLiaquat

    No happening… Windows & I feel freedom, With Win 8,  I feel claustrophobic. I don’t know if I am making sense to you guys but that’s what I felt using win 8.

  8. AsifBinLiaquat You should use Start8 or a similar program 😉 Will free your soul trust me! ^^

  9. dbarnes I just use a third party program to cover what Windows 8 doesnt. To “fix” it 😀

  10. I upgrade when it was just £15 to go from 7 to 8; I used my Laptops 7 real CD Key for my Desktop so I have a lagit OS on the laptop and finally a Lagit OS on my Desktop PC.
    Why did I upgrade to 8?  Because it’s faster, at everything.  Because I’m a power user I want to know more, I can find this stuff out.   Booting to windows in 5seconds from a cold boot on a fresh install? Yes please, months down the line less than 15 seconds from pressing the power button I can literally be making a skype call to someone whilst on facebook, I jest not – this is without Hibernate.
    One quite annoying issues is that restarts have started taking a long time; instead of instant; but I give that down to all the crap I’ve done; along with changes from temps and VM etc away from the SSD (as they were originally on the SSD).
    Gaming wise; I didn’t notice any speed difference; you won’t notice 1 FPS or 2 difference unless you’re on a welfare PC and hitting 4 fps anyway – to which case your should slap yourself and upgrade.
    Stability wise? OK, I’ve had annoyances with overclocking – quite a fair few… My stable Win7 clock just wouldn’t boot with Windows 8,  No more i5 3570k at 4.9Ghz, but hey a cooler clock at 4.6ghz is fine and I really haven’t noticed any gaming performance difference.
    Start8 solves so many problems; and Windows 8.1 will be a further step in the right direction.  Anyone that didn’t fork out a tiny amount of money to upgrade to 8 will be missing out on a deal now – especially with DX 11.2 !

  11. MykSilentShadow Youri72 ChrisM13 In the early days Start8 was the only one available.

  12. OK OK LETS MAKE ONE THING CLEAR… i started to use windows 8 for about 8 mouths now, and like many, i didnt get into it. there even came a point when i just wanted to switch back to windows 7. Now its the present and i got use to the new interface.I found it is much faster, if manage properly, and is better for gaming, i would recommend it to anyone.i got use to the new key set up, very easy to learn. Remember always be ready for new change inbrace it. make it your bitch, because if you dont, you will get left behind like the old blackberry’s.

  13. It is a piece of SHIT. No game is working for me. NOT a single one. Not cs not Assassins creed nothing. NO GAME. NOT ONE STINKING GAME.

  14. scidoner SaranshTiku Ya well fuck you too Scidoner. How about some helpful comments for compatibility instead of patronizing.

  15. SaranshTiku scidoner I would suggest keeping it to “helpful” and non vulgar language. It’s Christmas so I’ll let this one pass. 🙂 Merry Christmas to you both. 

    And SaranshTiku I’d suggest you re install Windows 8. I have been on Win8 since the start and I play all my games on it and have not encountered a single issue. So Win8 is not the problem of your issue of games 🙂

  16. Soren Walther

    I’ve used Win8 more or less since release.

    Apart form installing Classic Shell which should be a must for any none touch installation of 8 I’ve got no complaints.


  17. apparently some time has passed since this post… I was an early adopter of window’s 8 starting with the preview edition…  I took advantage of the $40 upgrade to pro and free media center as well. I upgraded 5 PC’s including a mod old Gateway laptop (faster ram, hybrid ssd, etc) out the Gate the first benefit was on how fast the 2009 laptop ran even running Reason 7 no problem and no lag or latency issues with audio like I had with windows 7 that was on it previously. The rest of the desktops I installed really had no issues except for getting family used to the new changes. I noticed better performance especially with boot up and shutdown speeds.  Games no issues at all… all games that worked in vista and windows 7 worked fine for me and showed performance improvements overall. 

    Overtime did get a lumia 1520 for me and a lumia 1020 for my daughter (she luvs her new phone) and moved away from android to the windows platform (iPhone before that, bleh).  Also got an Xbox one as well.  I did notice the family protection and monitoring functions how they are being merged into one so I can monitor phone and PC use and put curfews on use, It looks like MS is apparently moving towards one OS on all devices. (its about time) so will be looking forward to that.

    As far as work.. out the gate we put windows 8 machines to work in video and audio production without a single issue of compatibility or performance with the full suite of adobe, serif, propellerheads reason, magix products, fl studio and many others.

    Overall for me home , work, and play no issues… but then again my background is I.T related with R&D plus QA and more with 32 plus years experience across all past and present platforms.  So I have learned to roll with the punches. The only OS in MS history I truly hated was Windows ME which was the worst that MS ever did with massive compatibility issues.  Vista at one point was called Windows ME all over again but got thru that one just fine.

    Overall I like windows 8 and like many others I look forward to windows 9 unified system (finally Microsoft doing something I have dreamed of for years).now that would be true innovation.

    Keep in mind if your in I.T. and stuck in windows 7 or even XP because you refuse to change, evolve, or adapt then your not truly I.T.  You must be open minded at all times and learn to roll with the technology punches…

    It is ok to have your favorite OS’s or even platforms and hate others for whatever reason, its still good to gain knowledge of them all to at least have a better understanding especially when you get pulled into the MAc vers PC vers Linux or even phone and tablet wars as well… been there done that.  The winners in these Tech Wars change all the time where some will win thru actual true innovation (not much of that lately) and others by very crafty marketing and branding (always) but never shall the 2 entwine. Just my 2 cents worth… cheers 🙂

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