Raz3r D3sk – L3p Style

We are all big fans of awesome design – and in the peripheral business, few can match the design chops of Razer.  Our resident modding expert Peter Brands decided a while back to do a tribute build of sorts using our Cross Desk.  The idea was to merge design styles – take a little bit of Red Harbinger and a little bit of Razer and mix them up and see how it turned out.  Peter has not completed the build yet, but the pics from the process so far are extremely promising.  Stay tuned for more on this as he finishes everything up!

To follow along with Peter’s build as it’s updated – check out his build log on our forums:  http://bit.ly/1mRv2Hs

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  1. Bladeknight Bleu

    That’s damn awesome setup :x. I like your reservoirs. Where can i get it?

  2. Where in the world did you get the neon plexi from? That all looks custom cut. I’m jealous.

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