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Red Harbinger

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Hassan December 2016 Update Dec 12, 2016
Hi Everyone! As a modder I believe customization and the uniqueness of a build is incredibly valuable. My vision is to bring the customization and made to order nature of my company, V1 Tech, and merge that with the high-quality products designed for enthusiasts at Red Harbinger to bring something unique to market. Today we have 50 Dopamine Cases available for sale with a new standard...

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Hello everyone! As the title says, our Classic 250e FMJ Series covers for EKWB X3 250ml reservoirs are now available for purchase at the V1Tech website. Direct Link: http://www.v1tech.com/shop/uncategorized/red-harbinger-fmj-series-classic-250e-black-reservoir-cover-ek-res-x3-250/

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Hi everyone, I'm very excited to be here!I haven't had a chance to announce this great opportunity I've received as the transition has kept me very busy, but I'm happy to say I recently got the chance to take on the position as CEO of Red Harbinger Inc. But who am I? I currently am also CEO and founder of www.v1tech.com, my own computer modifications company that I started last year to...

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Howdy all, The server hosting the forums experienced an internal error and was rolled back to its most recent automatic backup, you likely have noticed the shoutbox missing a good chunk of previous discussions and some of your posts may have poofed away into the ether. Do not worry, our machine overlords will catch the band of humans responsible and locate the city of Zion in order to end...

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